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Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive on HBO Max and theatres on Christmas Day

The superhero film Wonder Woman’s sequel Wonder Woman 1984 will be available on HBO Max and theatres on this 25th December.

The HBO Max subscribers in the US are excited as they can watch this movie without paying any extra cost. This film will be available on HBO Max for “the first month of the film’s release” and it’s unclear what will happen after that.

This sequel of Wonder Woman was priory expected to release last December and later the release date was moved to June to avoid competing with Star Wars. Lately, the Covid-19 pandemic led to further delay of the date of release as the theatres remained closed in major cities around the world. The fans were anxiously waiting to hear the final release date from the franchise starring Gal Gadot.

The CEO of WarnerMedia, Mr. Jason Kilar said in a statement, “We are, of course, in an extraordinary moment.” He also added “This entails a patchwork of regulations, geographic considerations and, most importantly, fan preferences. With that in mind, we see an opportunity to do something firmly focused on the fans: give them the power to choose between going to their local cinema or opening on HBO Max. “

Mr. Jason Kilar further confirmed “committed to the theatrical experience and we believe giving exhibitors a movie of this nature is important right now,” as well as “we believe in theaters because hundreds of millions of fans around the world value going to the movies.”

Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot both have tweeted over the course of the year regarding their intention to release the film on the big screen. So in areas where theatres are open, it will be available as they confirmed in their latest tweet. This made the fans assured about their favourite superhero movie release and now they can plan to watch it.

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