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Taylor Swift says ‘re-recording all of my old music’ after missing AMA ceremony

On Sunday night (Nov 22) Taylor Swift won the top prize at the American Music Awards as the third consecutive artist of the year.

The three categories are the best artist, best female pop/rock artist, and best music video.  She beat out Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Roddy Ricch to win the top award at AMA.

But she missed the show and as she confirms she was busy for a good reason. She cleared that she was busy re-recording her old music once her catalog was entirely sold. She said she is going back to the recording station to revive them from scratch.

She said in a statement after missing the show, “The reason I’m not there tonight is I’m re-recording all of my old music in the studio we originally recorded it”.

In a pre-recorded video she explained about her current works on her old songs. As per Swift “You guys have been beyond wonderful all the years of my career, but especially this one when we’ve been so far apart”.

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