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New leak suggests Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 coming to MCU will be retconned via Thanos’ snap

New rumours are coming in about Ryan Reynolds’ new Deadpool’s or MCU deal’s plausible way to enter the Marvel Studios. As per a new leak, Reynolds has signed a 5 movie deal with Marvel, which will be announced by Reynolds on December 10th in character on his social media profiles.

The leak also suggests that Deadpool 3 is titled Deadpool: Retcon, and it further claims that T-Ray will be the villain of the movie. Deadpool 3 is made by Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Feige as a half sequel to the established Deadpool Series and half reboot. Along with Reynolds, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese will return to write the script for Deadpool 3. This third part will show Deadpool trying to fix the snap on his own.

Reynolds’ MCU deal has become widespread as the prime talk of the town for some time now. As per the reports, this part will be a bigger one than Robet Downey Jr. The leak also suggests that Deadpool 3 will be released under the 20th Century banner and will indeed be rated R. This will work in a similar fashion to the Marvel-Sony Spider-Man deal.

The leaker expected that the premiere of Deadpool 3 will be revealed by Reynolds on Twitter/Instagram, possibly in character as Deadpool by 10th December. The leak further claimed Reynolds might not want to stay attached to a character for more than another decade. As he has signed a historic 5 movie contract and at a much higher pay scale.

Now in order to check whether the leak delivers real news or a, it was a very well-made rumour we need to wait till 10th December. But the accuracy of the date and contract details makes the fans convinced and eagerly waiting for the upcoming Deadpool 3: Retcon.

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