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New ‘Fire And Blood’ Targaryen Prequel Series Of Games of Thrones In Works At HBO

The popular web series Games of Throneshave already ended earlier this year but there were a lot of opinions on whether it was an appropriate end. 

Then came the news of a prequel series was being prepared, portraying thousands of years in the past from where the Starks and Targaryens were left.

But now the latest news could get people ‘truly’ excited. 

According to sources, HBO is working on making a prequel series that will entirely focus on the Dragon family, known as the Targaryens.

Of course, all viewers were tormented with Dany and her dragons, but the origin of her bloodline is one filled with lots of death, conquering, and destruction. 

Author of Games of Thrones behind the original series, George R. R Martin has released a book detailing the history of Targaryens called ‘Fire and Blood’, which indicated that HBO has numerous source material to work with. 

Sources claim that the Prequel Series would portray 300-years before Game of Thrones and would also track the “beginning of the end for House Targaryen”.

‘Fire and Blood’ started with Aegon the Conquerer, who was the ruler that created the Iron Throne, which everyone in Westeros was desperate to grab. 

The original book detail how the dragon family has taken repeated attempts to acquire the Iron Throne and from within their own ranks. 

A Civil War, known as the Dance of Dragons, almost destroyed their family and could have averted Dany from ever being born.

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