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Finally, Piers Morgan confirms that he is not the Pigeon-Lady in Home Alone 2

On today’s Good Morning Britain, a very frustrated Piers Morgan reportedly forced to ignore that he was in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which is a famous Christmas classic. Piers also mentioned the actual player of this role in the iconic 1992 movie as Brenda Fricker.

The rumor was fueled when Susanna Reid, his co-presenter in the Christmas film showed him a side-by-side image of the character that has a scary resemblance with him.

In response to this Piers Morgan asked in irritation, “Why does this keep coming around?”

While Susanna continued to fuel the rumor saying, “Because lots of people watch Home Alone 2 and wonder if this is you, Piers Morgan.”


The GMB host further added, “You are the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2, your character helped save Kevin when he’s cornered in the park by the wet bandits.”

Piers firmly denied Susanna’s teasing and confirmed, “It’s not my character, I’m nothing to do with it.”

In response to that Susanna claimed to have some proof and presented a clip from an episode of GMB broadcasted in 2018 where Piers was covered with live pigeons. She insisted after showing the footage that Piers was the actual pigeon lady in the 1992 Christmas movie.

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