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FaceApp Now Owns More Than 15 Crores People’s Faces & Names Data

Everyone’s seen them: friends posting pictures of themselves now, and ten, twenty years after.

The viral app FaceApp has been giving the users the ability to change their facial expressions, looks and age for several years. Since it’s inception, FaceApp has been hugely popular among young stars. Everybody went crazy posting their old age photos without knowing that their faces and names are getting stored in FaceApps servers and they can reuse that data.

So what’s the harm?

Well, there’s no such privacy harms but you may end up on an advertisement billboard in Bangladesh or somewhere on the other end of the world. Along with this, your face and expression may help engineers to train some AI etc.

This doesn’t mean your data is insecure, mostly the data is encrypted and stored on their Amazon servers. It’s just you don’t have control over that data and they can do whatever they want using those.

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