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Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music team up to debut the new Kpop boy band in the U.S.

On Thursday, the global dynamite BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group (UMG) unveiled their plans for the upcoming debut of a new K-pop boy band in the United States. The heads of executives of these two big houses announced this new project via a pre-recorded video that streamed early Thursday.

The joint venture between Big Hit and UMG’s Geffen Records has produced music for writers and singers like Elton John, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), and Avicii. Also, they produced music for Olivia Rodrigo a rising rookie.

Now they are planning to introduce the new boy band in the U.S. through a global audition program set to air in 2022. According to the companies, a “K-pop system,” will help the group to train themselves before debut.

The two companies are also aiming to increase fan interaction through the popular fan community platform ‘Weverse’, which is operated by Big Hit. Sever artists have already joined the club including BTS, Seventeen, Sunmi, and CL as Big Hit’s artists along with Gracie Abrams, New Hope Club, and Alexander 23 as UMG artists. This initiative is expected to develop better communication between the artists and their fans as voiced by the Big Hit and UMG officials.

The founder and chief of Big Hit Mr. Bang Si-hyuk said that “Our two companies indeed share values and visions in that we both pursue constant innovations and are committed to providing our fans with genuine music and content of the highest and uncompromising level of quality.” He also added, “In this sense, I strongly believe that UMG and Big Hit will create a synergy that will rewrite the global music history.”

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman of the Universal Music Group said, “With their innovative approach to developing artists and embracing new technology, Big Hit has become one of the most dynamic companies in music entertainment.” He further added, “We’re thrilled to be working together as we launch a new joint venture between our companies that will further accelerate K-pop as a global cultural phenomenon.”

Meanwhile, Big Hit is expanding its artist portfolio through multiple deals for setting up joint ventures or acquiring smaller agencies. They already developed themselves as a multi-label company by representing artists like G-Friend, Enhypen, and Seventeen.

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