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A stray white pooch joins choreography students by jumping onto the stage in China

Recent footage shows a group of student dancers was practicing choreography while a white pooch joined them running on stage. This amusing moment happened on the Kunming University campus in south-western China’s Yunnan Province and this stray pooch lives there as well.

The video footage captured last Friday shows the white furry dog excitedly running around the choreographers and it appeared it trying to participate in the dance show. Mr. Chen, 21, a choreography student captured this amusing video while watching his classmates rehearsing a routine.

As per the reports, this stray pooch sneaked into the room while a group of three female choreography students was dancing on the stage. The white dog excitedly climbs up and was running around the dancers on the stage while wagging its tail.

Mr. Chen informed the reporters, “The actresses were dancing on the stage,” and “The dog just suddenly ran up there to play with them.” This 40-second clip also shows the dog even tried to bite one of the dancers’ dresses as an effort to get her attention so it can join the performance.

The female dancers carried on with the performance and the excited dog failed to interrupt their practice. Mr. Chen said, “We were just having a rehearsal and it wouldn’t leave, so we let it stay [on the stage].” According to him, this furry dance-lover enjoyed the dance practice for over an hour on the stage.

This amusing video was shared by the student on Douyin, which is a Chinese equivalent of TikTok and many viewers loved watching this short video clip. They also shared their opinions responding to the 40-seconds-video footage.

One viewer commented, “The dance was beautiful but the dog was all I can focus on.” While another wrote, “The dog is coming to dance as well!” 

Also, another stray pug at university in Chongqing was found at a mathematics lecture and was mentioned as a ‘star student’, while this white stray pooch has a similar passion for dancing.

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