OS X El Capitan Review on a MacBook Pro Late 2011 Model

September 30th 2015, Latest Macintosh Operating System version El Captain was released. We got our hands on the update today i.e, on 1st October. It took a while to download as the update size was 6.09 GB. So after waiting for hours finally my old pal the MacBook Pro Late 2011 is running with OS X El Captain.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 17.48.18
Installation Time: It took about 1 Hour to install El Captain on my MacBook Pro however as per Apple it was 30 minutes of installation time but we understand it’s an old machine. 😀

Significant Changes to Notice in OS X El Captain

Split View
It looks like Apple is now obsessed with multitasking improvements. From iOS to Mac OS X they have implemented the multitasking preciously. By profession I am an Web Developer and run a small web designing firm at Kolkata and I can not explain how much I am happy with this feature. Split View lets you work with two applications side by side on fullscreen mode. Which is very useful for developers who are coding and reviewing live as well as its very useful for those who uses their Mac for productivity.

Split View in Mac OS X El Captain

Split View in Mac OS X El Captain

Mouse Pointer is Changed!
Yes, you read it right! The mouse pointer is changed and I noticed it even before the installation got finished! I’m not sure it it’s slightly smaller than the previous version. Beside the pointer, waiting or working indicator pointer is redesigned. It’s looking fresh and different! I liked that! 🙂

Photos App is Redesigned
The default Photos application is redesigned and the designed is synced with the iOS 9’s photos design which is looks kind of cool. Also, it is enhanced with few new functionalities.

Fresh Notes
The default Notes application is redesigned and now we can add images to our notes even we can scribble!

Redesigned Notes

Redesigned Notes

Maps can now show transits
However that feature is for USA only, we Indian’s still depend on Google Maps and which is pretty awesome! 😀

Spotlight Can Search on Internet
Well, Spotlight got a bit stronger with El Captain’s arrival. Now we can search and get results from internet. For example “Weather in New York” however that didn’t worked with “Weather in Kolkata” keyword. This change in Spotlight gives me a ray of Siri’s arrival to Mac OS X?

Except those, there are changes in Safari where we got new feature for shrinking tabs and which is awesome for frequently checked websites. Mail application got a makeover and it’s even much more interactive. Mission control got redesigned as well.

Without those design and UI changes I noticed my Mac is a bit faster but in web browsing however other thing remains same. Not sure if the battery life is increased!?

If you have anything to add, please add through comments!