iOS features that you never knew existed!

5. Low Power Mode

This was a common feature for Android user now it has arrived to Apple. This feature gets enabled automatically when your phone’s power goes below 20% alternatively you can manually enable it by navigating to Settings -> Battery -> Toggle “Low Power Mode”. When enabled your device will restrict data services, background processes etc to save the juice for your device’s battery.

6. Convert an Webpage to PDF in Safari

Using this feature you can now save websites as PDF to your iBooks application. To save an webpage to PDF simply click on the “Up Arrow Box” at the bottom, Slide the first row and click on “Save PDF to iBooks”. Remember it will save the “Reader View” mode to PDF not the actual website that you see in the browser.

7. Virtual Trackpad in iPad’s Keyboard

While typing in some application you don’t have to click and hold for navigating the cursor. Instead you can just tap two fingers on the keyboard and drag to reposition the cursor. It’s a cool feature for those who are using iPads for productivity.

8. Hide a Photo from Camera Roll

Yea, Yea! I know you are smiling now! Yes, finally a procedure to hide a photo from the Camera Roll. However this doesn’t hides the photo exactly from everywhere instead it just removes it from Camera Roll. So when you navigate to the Albums then you will be able to see that picture. To hide a photo simply Select the Photo(s) -> Click the Up Arrow Box (Left icon at the bottom of Camera Roll) and Click on Hide. If you want to unhide a photo in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 then Navigate to Photos -> Albums -> Click on the Hidden Album, Open the Photo -> Click the Up Arrow Box -> Select Unhide.
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9. Enable the Hidden iCloud Drive App

If you are running iOS 9 then definitely you have heard of iCloud Drive. The application is available in Macs and in mobile devices to however its hidden by default. In order to unhide the app Navigate to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Toggle the “Show on Home Screen” options. That will enable the iCloud Drive app for you.
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