iOS features that you never knew existed!

It’s been a while since iOS 9 was released and you must be habituated with your new iPhone or the new iOS on your old iPhone. We have been playing with our iPhones n’ iPads and here’s a list of features that are almost hidden in iOS 9 yet useful.

1. Search in Settings

It’s a really useful thing that Apple keeps all the application’s and system settings together. However if you have lots of application installed in your device then it must be overwhelming to find a particular item in the Settings App. Well, to minimize this problem in iOS 9 Apple has integrated the Search, all you have to do is Swipe Down on the settings screen and the search box will appear.
Photo 09-11-15, 15 43 19

2. Battery Widget

Have you ever wondered that whats the remaining power in your wireless device? Well, if you have at least one wireless device connected with your iPhone or iPad then you can enable/see the new battery widget. Which will show you the Device Name and the remaining power. Isn’t that cool?

3. Paste & Go

Well, this is a very common and old features for most of the Desktop web browsers however in iOS 9 Apple has integrated it into Safari. So now you can copy some texts from any of your applications and then directly search Google using the “Paste & Search” or “Paste & Go” option. Here’s how you can perform a “Paste and Search” in Safari. First Copy something -> Open Safari -> Tap and Hold on the Search/Address bar. The Copy/Paste bubble will appear, Select “Paste & Search” from there.
Photo 09-11-15, 15 36 58

4. Currency Converter & Calculator in Spotlight Search

Yes, you read it right! We can now search for currency rates or even perform calculation in Spotlight. For example if you type 500$, it will display you the converted value in your local currency.