How to make your iPhone faster by flushing the RAM

Well, yes iPhones are much more faster and steady than Android phones however iPhones lags too. Not like most of the Android phones, but yes an iPhone runs slow sometimes when we are juggling through many applications and the phone is running continuously for few days.
We have two fixes for the issue:

1. Restarting the iPhone. Which is the most common method we follow.



2. By flushing the RAM.

Well, this may sound new to you and most of the iPhone users doesn’t know about this feature.
To do so, first clean up all the running applications in your phone by double tapping the home button and swiping the application. Once thats done, Press and Hold down the Power Button until “Slide to Power off” appears. Once you are in that screen, Press and Hold the Home Button for 5~6 seconds. The phone will flush the RAM itself and you will see the Home Screen and The Status Bar loads / refreshes.

Well done!
You have successfully flushed the RAM of your iPhone and now it will run a bit faster.