How to Configure D-Link 605L or Any Cloud Routers to Use with Alliance, WishNet Broadband

Configuring cloud routers to user with Alliance or WishNet is easy. Before you begin you need to keep few things handy, which you need to obtain from your local broadband vendor. These are-

IP Address. For example
Subnet Mask. For example
Default Gateway. For example
Primary and Secondary DNS (Optional).

Once you have all these things ready, you can get started with the configuration process. First, disconnect Alliance or WishNet’s cable from your PC’s LAN port and connect the router using the RJ45 (LAN Wire). Turn on the router and wait until it boots up. Once ready, open and put the default user ID Password supplied with the router. Look behind the router or in the user manual. Usually the user ID comes as admin and no password.

Once you login, you will see the auto setup wizard. Discard that and go to Setup -> Internet Setup. Now put these parameter over there –

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.55.52

Internet Connection Type: Static IP
IP Address: Supplied by your Operator
Subnet Mask: Supplied by your Operator
Default Gateway: Supplied by your Operator
Primary DNS: Supplied by your Operator or
Secondary DNS: Supplied by your Operator or

Hit the Save Settings button, navigate to Maintenance -> Reboot. After successful reboot, bring up the Alliance or Wishnet’s login screen and try to login with your User ID and Password. If you see MAC Mismatch then either call your operator and ask them to unbind your MAC Address or open the router setup panel and within the Internet Setup window, Copy your PC’s MAC Address and reboot the router. That will solve the issue.