How to extend your WI-FI range using a spare router

WI-FI range extension is a very common issue for those who lives in a multi storied house or in a very old house where WI-FI signal easily gets obstructed by walls. So here’s a simple method using which you can extend your WI-FI’s range.

A cloud router such as D-Link’s 605L
A cross cable (Ethernet / LAN wire).
A laptop or desktop PC.
Most importantly, an working internet connection. 😉

So first, you need to select a location for the WI-FI repeater and need a long RJ45 cross cable for connecting both the routers, i.e, your actual router and the repeater. So if you are placing the repeater in first floor and your main router is on ground floor then you need a cable which can connect both the floor’s routers. You can get the cable made from any local computer shop, it will cost ₹7~₹10 per meter.

Once you placed the wireline now it’s time for setting up the repeater. So turn on the repeater and connect it your laptop or desktop using a RJ45 wire or WI-FI. If you’re using a spare router which has been used earlier then please reset the router first and then begin with the setup.

Once you are ready and the router is connected to your PC, open the configuration URL i.e, or and navigate to WIRELESS Settings. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE INTERNET SETUP FILEDS, KEEP IT AS IT IS. Once you are at the WI-FI settings page you need to replicate the same WI-FI settings that you have in your main router, i.e, 

Same WI-FI name
Same Password
Same broadcast channel.

Connection Settings for Cable Broadbands

Connection Settings for Cable Broadbands

Once you did that, hit SAVE and disconnect your router from your PC. Now we need to do the connections using the long ethernet / RJ45 cable. Place the repeater at its place and connect the RJ45 cable to its ADSL port i.e, the Yellow coloured LAN port behind the router. Connect the other end of the RJ45 cable to any of the LAN/RJ45 ports (except for the yellow one) in your actual router in ground floor.

Connection Settings for BSNL / TATA etc. Broadbands

Connection Settings for BSNL / TATA etc. Broadbands

All done? Well, just turn on your repeater and enjoy the extended range of your WI-FI. This method will work with all kind of Internet connections i.e, DSL (BSNL, TATA, Airtel etc.) and ADSL (Tikona, Alliance, Wishnet or cable broadbands). This will also work if you add few more router with each of the repeaters. This is basically same method how our cities are getting WI-FI networks.

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