10 Mind Blowing Facts to Read Today!

1. The first condom was made in the 16th Century!

Can you imagine, since 16th Century its the best product ever came to market! Obviously it has transformed a lot! Here’s a picture of a condom how it looked in 16th Century!
16th Century Condom

2. If its not broken on first impact, a glass ball can bounce higher than a rubber ball!

Glass Ball

3. An average lead pencil can be used to draw a 56 KM long line or 50,000 English words!


4. In the 1830s Ketchups was medicine!


5. There are more than 200 dead bodies resting on Mount Everest!

mount everest

6. The most popular “First Name” in the world is “Mohammad”!

Image: textgiraffe.com

7. Until 2011 Beer was considered as a soft drink in Russia!

Image: Lolwot.com

8. Female Kangaroos have three vaginas!


9. More than 50% people in the World haven’t made or received any phone calls yet!

No Phones!

10. The eye of an Ostrich is bigger than its brain! 😮